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Victoria Pedretti: On the Rise

The rising actress opens up about working with Penn Badgley, being cast in the hit Netflix show, and more.

Victoria Pedretti Tells All About 'You' Season 2
The actress also responds to a major theory about the neighbor in th…
You Season 2
Is Joe Goldberg's Mom Living Next Door to Her Son?
The You Season 2 cliffhanger could hint at some serious family drama…
You TV Show
35 Things You Didn't Know About 'You'

Plus, 34 things you didn't know about the hit Netflix show.

You TV Show
Is Love Bluffing to Joe with That You Season 2 Plot Twist?

She made a lot of shocking revelations, but one of them may seem questionable.

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You Season 2 Reveals How Beck Really Died and It Looks So Disturbing

You won't be able to look at Joe the same way after this. ??

You Season 2
Joe Goldberg Can't Outrun His Past in You Season 2

He might have moved to L.A. for a fresh start, but Candace isn't letting him get away that easily.

Joe Is Back and Creepier Than Ever in the You Season 2 Trailer

He also goes by a new name now.

11 New Romances That'll Take Your Breath Away in 2019

These movies will make you weak in the knees for the next 12 months.

What Really Happened to Joe's Ex-Girlfriend Candace on You?

Is she alive? Is she dead? We have questions.